Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am studying a book by a Vietnam war weapons systems integrator.

I seem to have landed in a course taught by a military engineer. The course recommended reading is
Jeffrey O. Grady. System requirement analysis
It is very much in line with our course though. Here is a test of pacifism I suppose. I could have noticed this connection and quit the course and thus the degree. But instead I am arguing with the military engineers that is the other students. I am being too aggressive though in my arguments and still think school is about arguments. The book though is highly interesting and very structured. But it speaks of disposable human beings who are either ignored or get in the way of the weapons systems. All in all, one of the most inhuman courses I have studied and I have studied sciences and engineering before so it is not the field it is the application and language and sources.
Other students from the class may be reading this so I suppose this is more public a a review of a book than other book reviews.

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