Sunday, April 27, 2008

I searched for the subject and keyword "knowledge management" at the library late Friday night.

I was at the library late Friday night into Saturday morning. I was searching out "knowledge management" books and have one book now from that search. That book is called Corporate Memory and I have read the first chapter this morning. I am now setting a goal of having read this book by next weekend and also bringing it to work for my boss on Thursday.

I also browsed the new book shelves on the 5th, 4th and then 3rd floor. I borrowed three new books from the 5th and two new books from the 3rd. The three from the fifth are related to "knowledge management". One is on the knowledge intensive workplace and the other on demographics and the different North American cohorts attitudes to technology. I have read the beginning for these books now. The other is about knowledge management and law enforcement and the English is not the greatest but it does break down knowledge like the book Continuity Management which I am also still reading.

The two new books from the 3rd are not related to "knowledge management" and the other old book I borrowed from the 3rd is also not related.

The old science book from the third is about Fortran 90 and I tried out the first "Hello, World" program. I typed it into GEdit with Fortran 95 highlighting and then installed Gfortran and then G77 and finally got it to compile with some editing of the file but could not execute the program as I could not find the file the compiler produced after compilation.

The first new book from the 3rd floor is a photography book on Photojournalism since 1955, which was going to be a job I tried to aim for when younger and in my last year of high school in the late 1970's.

The other new book is about ordinal walks and I do not get it fully but it reminds me I am a mathematician.

The last area I searched is related to a promotion opportunity at work. I may be hired to work with correction statistics with the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics and the plan is for an interview for this job this coming week. I thought to prepare with a government statistics report from 2004 on correctional statistics.

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