Sunday, December 09, 2007

Review progresses for exam study.

My exam is on Wednesday at 2:00 PM. I have spent some time this morning reviewing the course notes. I read the first two chapters so far today. I will report my progress here. I have my wish that the exam cover all topics. The Professor has promised that there will be questions covering each topic on the exam. I have five chapters to still review. I want to do one complete review of the notes today before I sleep for the day. I have a big day of work on Monday. I want to work early and late and earn some time off later on in the month. We also are reaching the end of a project this week. I also have Tuesday and Wednesday off work. Then I am back for Thursday and Friday. I do have charity dinner to attend this week, in fact, checking the web calendar now, I find the dinner is Monday at 5:00 PM. This means I will miss a Second Life event. It also means I can not work too late on Monday only about one hour.

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