Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have now completed reviewing chapters 4 and scanned chapters 5-7.

Really these are the significant chapters for our final exam. I understand the recourse methods of chapter 5 and stochastic programming but should review the approach and the expected value approach as these are important in statistics. I also understand the topics of chapters 6 and 7 and need to review these fully. I am reviewing at the last minute because this will keep this fresh in my mind.

I intend to go to the professor's pre-exam office hours just before the exam and also register for the next term. I also want to return a book to the library this afternoon after the exam. Then I will place a hold on the book. It is The R Book by Michael Crawley. It is 1000 pages long almost and I only managed to read about 20 pages of it so far. But someone else has recalled it so it is due back at the library this week. I also want to pick up some posters from a student group so I can poster for them.

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