Sunday, December 09, 2007

Progress update. Chapter 3 now read. Chapter 4 started.

Well I did not read all the notes today but I have at least one more day to study and that is Tuesday. I did complete reading chapter 3 and got most of the way through chapter 4. I read the MatLab code for creating neural networks in the MatLab software even though we will not be tested on that at all. I wish I could list what topics I studied today but I am tired and still need to buy my wife some coke before sleeping. I have a very busy day at work tomorrow and then a relaxing community Christmas dinner right after work. I will be ready and rested for a good day of study Tuesday. I also read more statistics research today and more basic statistics problem solving and continue to read a book on statistical literacy, that is the product of years of research into the Australian school system.

I also sent one helpful, I hope academic email to a professor at MSU who is preparing a masters of arts course on organizations and technology. I also sent an email to my old boss, the normal instructor of the survey sampling course at Carleton updating her on my progress at work.

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