Thursday, October 25, 2007

Reading a feminist on gay men.

I was cleaning up my office a little bit. I put some old school notes from a geography course or two into a white magazine box. I also put some fiction including my wife's fiction also into two magazine boxes. I came across a book I had gotten from another wobbly and read a chapter in that book. Here is the cite:
Layland, Joyce. "On the conflicts of doing feminist research into masculinity" in Stanley, Liz. Feminist Praxis: Research, Theory and Epistemology in Feminist Sociology (London, U.K.: Routledge, 1990).
This was an interesting read and suggested gay men are also misogynists. I think I had an idea this was true. So basically she concluded in the paper that gay men devalue women's activities. In particular drag Queens use stereotypes of women in their performances.

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