Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I have Q1.1 and Q2 solved now in assignment #2 for my course.

I worked a lot on Thanksgiving and got one problem solved with one technique and that was Q1.1 using Fourier-Motzkin software. I also solved Q1.2 but used geometric cuts rather than Gomory cuts so need to still do some more math work and more Fourier-Motzkin work. The geometric cuts I did with R for drawing and that was a good R workout using the web and open source help files to learn the proper R code to draw a point grid and then draw simple lines over the integer point grid.

I remembered the lecture on the network solution software and was able to solve the network problem and then print it out. I did need to run that software in Windows 2000 but it still did not work as it should have. I did print the solution network diagram. So that seems solved.

I have class tomorrow evening and tomorrow we are working in the computer lab rather than having a lecture.

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