Monday, April 09, 2007

I have another half problem solved now.

I now know how to solve four problems out of eight. I have one problem done except for a final edit. I also have half of a second problem now done and know how to solve the other half. Again this problem had answers in the back of the book which helped steer my learning. I now know about communicating classes, and communicating states. I have not done any further work on the two branching process questions that are easy but both also have answers in the back of the book. Of course, these answers could be wrong and this type of teaching namely assigning problems, where the answers are in the back of the textbook is common with these probability professors. I know I can do this work.

I am only staying up for another five hours. I do mean to go to the university of Ottawa library this morning to read this week's required reading for our economics systems design course tomorrow. Tomorrow will be our last lecture. I will just check the hours of the library and then go to school now. I also want to borrow a book on error measurement or at least look at it.

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