Sunday, March 25, 2007

Still meeting this morning plans in the probability assignment.

I was distracted by my health and other issues of living but I noticed this and got back to the assignment just on time. So now as of 8 am I have all problems started. I have six problems solved but need to proof read these and one of the six needs to be double checked and perhaps more needs to be written there. For the remaining two problems I can see the solutions and for both I am merely required now to solve some linear systems equations but all the transition probability matrices are now typeset. Now I will begin proof reading as a next step towards completion.

I have worked about 6 or 7 hours this morning. This was the rate of 7 hours per weekend day that I had planned for two weekends ago and it was finally achieved today. But last weekend and the weekend before I fell short. Also during weekdays I have not yet made the number of hours to complete 149 hours final exam study. I have though done ten hours on assignment #3 so far. This exam study must be done or I will fail the course.

If I have some time left over today before sleeping I intent to model Bowles' labour game from the problem set. I would also like to begin to review lecture notes today.

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