Sunday, March 25, 2007

I did my proof reading. But am distracted now with my partner waking up and my own household work.

I spent some time sweeping just now. I am going to stay out my partner's hair because she is slow and waking up and I am speedy and tired. I did the proof reading and found one error so far. I also corrected and improved my English on the assignment. This allowed a more covered and comprehensive view of the course material.

I read some of an article by Rosenberg and X on home care and volunteerism in Canada that uses Statistics Canada data from 1997. I also read more about managing volunteers and hiring a manager of volunteers or leader of volunteers. Political correctness is so correct these days. This article helped inspire some of my cleaning of our house.

I also read the preface to a book on markov cycle processes and at least know this is a leading area of research. My professor has suggested only reading our textbook. I should follow up on his suggestion and did not read more of the book on markov cycling.

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