Sunday, March 04, 2007

I have two questions done in our second assignment and I started a third problem.

I should take a break from the economic systems design reading and get some more of my probability course assignment #2 completed. I have completed I believe two problems on markov chains and I have those typeset. I believe there is one more problem to solve concerning markov chains on this assignment.

I am also doing some computing tasks including backing up one computer, installing the latest release of Debian 3.1 r 5 on an old Pentium 1 laptop, researching control and machines in their social context of surveillance, and of course I am reading other subjects like an academic book on volunteering. I also am following Second Life and have now purchased a copy of the Matrix On-Line. I won't play this Matrix game until I have my assignment completed. So the game will wait until Thursday evening.

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