Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hours to study for the exam.

I think I miscalculated how much time I needed to study based on days left to the exam. Rather than start at 26 and count down I need to start at 39 and count down. This is because I need three hours for each of thirteen weeks of the term. I have not studied at all since my last note and that means I still have only done about 3.5 hours of study. Counting down from 39 this means I need to study 35.5 more hours. I now have 15 days to go which means I need to study about 2.3 hours a day until the exam. I will try to study for 5.5 hours today and catch up the point 3 hours.

Also I must study five chapters which means about 7 hours per chapter. I have only really studied chapter one so far. Thus I need to spend about another 3.5 hours on chapter one. But chapter five is not something we studied a lot and also chapter four is not heavily covered so I can budget 4 hours to each of those thus spending about ten hours for each of chapers one through three. This means I might budget all of this morning's study to chapter one and do my homework.

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