Friday, October 08, 2004

I have to write out some scenerios for computer crime and do a little legal analysis by next Tuesday. I have some reading to do for my drug law course. I am also writing some reaction papers based on the readings for this course in drug laws. I got one paper done in rough draft last night. I am seeing a writing tutor today in the mid afternoon to go over my writing for this course. I got some math done in pen and ink for my assignment #2 and got a start on the programming yesterday for that assignment. I need to comlplete it today.

I got all my grading done this past week on time. I have some papers to grade now for two weeks from now. I also gave all my labs successfully this week. I investigating getting Minitab 14 beyond its trial period, but will have to pay for that myself; the school won't pay for it.

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