Saturday, December 12, 2009

I read one paper in my master bibliography on an e-book reader and started a second paper this way last night.

As I began to work with a master bibliography in a table in a spreadsheet, I added a "status" column. In the workshop for managing information in research projects, the concept of using a master bibliography with a spreadsheet style table was suggested along with the suggestion of adding columns such as a status column. The table starts as a tab delimited file export from a RefWorks folder. Any bibliographic software could be used. You can add any number of columns to this file when open in a spreadsheet and a status column was one suggested. I chose to have a few values possible for status and one was "get" for literature documents I had found in name only ( citation), rather than the full document. This meant I needed to download the papers or borrow the books and had not done this yet. Other status column values I used included "read" and "partial" reflecting statuses after I started reading the documents. I began to search out and download documents in my master bibliography that were still "get" status documents and have found about five of the online journal articles and have them now in pdf.

As I started this a few weeks ago I bought an e-book reader with the anticipation that I could read my school work on this e-reader.

This e-reader method of reading worked so far. I read a paper with a catchy titled that is directly on topic with my thesis. The paper is

McQuade, Eamonn, et al. "Will you miss me when I'm gone? : A study of the potential loss of company knowledge and expertise as employees retire." Journal of European Industrial Training 31, 9. 2007. 758-768.

The second paper I am reading as an e-book is about defining the Knowledge Intensive Firm (KIF). As my thesis title includes this classification of firms, this paper is also very important. I hope this paper will continue to have the quality, it seems to have at the moment, from what I have read. The citation for this paper is:

Starbuck,William H. "Learning by Knowledge-Intensive Firms" Journal of Management Studies 29, 6, 1992.

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