Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I am starting to use a Master Bibliography.

I started a master bibliography for my thesis. I used a short list and added to it only papers concerned directly with retirement and knowledge loss in companies or with knowledge transfer. I edited out most of the skill component research because my methods from artificial intelligence will not support skill modeling in the simulation. I also included few general knowledge management titles and fewer books on this topic generally. Argote is still in the list and I used her work as spring board to find two more papers and then found an updated version of one of these.

The master bibliography is allowing me to move forward and download copies of the literature and actually start to read the papers. I now need to start using a system like this blog to record my notes and fabricate my literature review. I have some training now on both this master bibliography technique and using RefWorks to build this file. So far after less than one week this is working and giving good results and things are progressing nicely and specifically with real gains.

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