Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feminist cyborg studies, robotics and statistics

I started to read this book this evening and got the introduction read and started the first chapter:

Balsamo, Anne. Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women (Durham, N.C.: Duke University, 1996).
This is a really interesting read so far. It has me questioning bodies. In particular, I am interested in my own body and my fingers and my finger work on bass guitar and computer keyboard. And of course, I must learn to be even more sensitive to the objectification of the female body.

I am now reading more about Mikhail Soutchanski's work and read his school web page today and sent him and e-mail asking him to direct me to his page listing knowledge representation languages.

I am also reading about JMP software in the book:

Schlotzhauer, Sandra D. Elementary Statistics Using JMP (Cary, N.C.: Sas Institute, 2007).
I have read and worked through chapters 1 to 3 and have started chapter 4 and can now consider myself a JMP user.

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