Friday, June 20, 2008

Apologies for ageism made may be his book will work out.

I am still reading Generation Blend and am half way through this 245 page book now. I have not been reading the University of Google much lately. Some other scholars brought up on an email list the book about feminism in North Lights which I discussed a bit on that list.

My paper is starting to take form but I am unsure if it is the form I want.

At work I have been producing some statistics on my own from non-confidential published data and making some charts for our research. I am learning the art of writing with data statements. No, I do not mean SAS code I mean writing sentences with numbers and then finding the numbers and sourcing them and displaying as charts or updated accurate numbers. So some good lessons at work for writing with data.


robsalk said...

I appreciate your serious reading of Generation Blend. For the record, one of the principle ideas behind the book is that the perceived "technology age gap" is socially-constructed and cultural, not cognitive or inherently age-based, and it can be surmounted by training and acculturation that acknowledges the different perceptions that people bring to technology based on their life experience and generational perspective. My work, both at Microsoft and with OATS, is to overcome ageist prejudices around technology adoption. If that was not clear in my text, it represents a significant failing on my part.

Best of luck with your work. Further study in this field is much needed.

Peter said...

I have been immersed in computing since the 1960s being in the late boomer generation I take offence easily about my personal computer history even if that is not the intent. I should have read more of this book before commenting.

Peter said...

Some of my demographer coworkers are looking forward to this book being translated into French.