Sunday, January 06, 2008

I scanned the titles of papers in a conference proceedings in computer science and chose three papers to look at more closely

I was searching out some background reading or really anything on the topic of continuity management. I have ordered a book with this title through's used and new book sellers network as the book was recommended to me. The book cost 14.14$. It should be here in two to three weeks. That will be just when, I start to turn my attention to school assignment work probably having to complete my first or second assignment around then.

I searched books again on Friday for systems related books for my course. At the library on Friday I picked up some recommended readings for my course. This amounted to three books available and I also borrowed one book in that shelf by who appeared to be a women scholar, that looked shorter and well read. The other authors appear to be all male. As I said earlier, I borrowed about seven working papers written in part by a potential supervisor. These generally are about computer and statistics topics and I am not sure of the depth of these. They are detailed but show a more consumer of technology approach or assessment. I should not be critical and I am only comparing working papers to the conference proceedings I browsed today. This is probably not a fair comparison. I live more in the geographic context and social context of the supervisor than the conference writers.

The book I browsed this morning, after reading Jensen and Draffan on surveillance and government corruption was about Mathematical Knowledge Management. I was deep into the leftist and environmentalist writings of these radical authors and also reading a little of Petra Kelly's writings on the Catholic Church. She published a letter she wrote to the Pope. The letter was three things really all as complaints. One was not taking up the poverty cause in South America and with other aboriginals. Another theme she took up was women's positions in the Church. She also took up the anti-nuclear torch and urged the Pope to do more. And speaking of that Church I was also reading the good Catholic poetry scholar of media and electronic media Marshal McLuhan this morning in his coauthored book with Quentin Fiore. I read this book when I was a young college student and loved it at the time.

I will leave this now after a night of study and computer chores. The post for the cite to the three papers I decided would be worth closer look in this Mathematical Knowledge management conference proceedings book should wait to another day. I borrowed this book as a result of searching for knowledge management and picked this one out as much of my work and study are in mathematics. I borrowed nine books in total. Four conference proceeding, four systems books and one book on social simulation theory. This last book inspired me a little last night around the game Second Life and my own avatars blog for that game.

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