Sunday, July 22, 2007

I read a book for fun that could be related to Internet research or my business but am deciding it was just fun.

I read this book
Carr, Paul & Pond, Graham The Unofficial Tourists' Guide to Second Life: The Essential Guide to an Amazing Virtual World - with Millions of Users
(New York N.Y.: St. Martin's Griffin, 2007).
I read most of this book now. I read it very quickly as it has a light hearted style. It has many foreign or historical and ancient origin based words for names of virtual tourist destinations. These are the actual names of these locations in the virtual world known as Second Life. I had to pronounce these proper names slowly. I did not search these locations out in Second Life but the authors gave the tourist spots names as a locational reference. So I did not explore Second Life with the book in hand but instead after, starting to read this book, I went on line in Second Life did a little work on making my home in Second Life. I was intending on working on my business in Second Life while on-line today, but after I read more of the book, I am rethinking doing business in Second Life, and thinking more of just enjoying Second Life.
The pages of this book are small and it is the typical paperback length of 200 pages or so. It read more like Canadian narrative sociology than American analytical sociology.

I was also reading analytical sociology last night. I read more of the book Social Networks edited by Barry Wellman because he seems to think his early work covers social networking like studying facebook or other social web network might need covering these days.

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