Sunday, September 24, 2006

A quote for guiding my thesis by Anatol Rapoport.

If one author has written that we need to find the right hypothesis. (Churchman, C. West. The Systems Approach and Its Enemies (New York, Basic Books, 1979) at 11)). Anatol Rapoport has written about finding the right system. Here is the quote
"The question now is, how far can this recognition be stretched? What else besides biological organisms can we get to recogize as "systems"? And how do we go about recognizing "theoretically fruitful" analogies in the structure, behavior, and history of portions of the world--material or ideational -- that deserve to be called "systems"?
Rapoport, Anatol. The Search for Simplicity in Laszlo, Ervin. Ed. The Relevance of General Systems Theory: Papers Presented to Ludwig von Bertalanffy on His Seventieth Birthday (New York, George Braziller, 1972) at 25 .

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