Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The next three days.

I will be attending graduate school orientation this morning. I was just reviewing the schedule of events. I was comparing it with the schedule for a conference I am going to attend parts of these next three days. The conference is the International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS) Conference – Ottawa 2006. The Chief statistican of Canada will speak there. With my present schedule I may be able to hear him close the conference on Friday but will not hear him speak this morning.

I will try to attend two afternoon sessions later today at the conference. But more important today is attending the full orientation session at the U of O. I will attend an address by the director of the school, a library tour, and some introduction session to the computing facilities at the University of Ottawa SITE location. I may stay for lunch too and then simply attend the conference later in the day after the orientation. Tomorrow I have my first class and then I can attend a session at the conference after class and then go to work. I can then try to wake up for 6 or 7 am Friday and attend the whole last day of the conference and then work in the evening Friday.

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