Monday, November 01, 2004

I borrowed these books this week for my legal studies. I did not borrow any math or statistics books this week.
Danesi, Marcel. Forever Young: The 'Teen-Aging' of Modern Culture (Toronto, Ont.: University of Toronto, 2003).
This book I have read the first two chapters of yesterday. I have always had an interest in youth culture and have been a member of a youth culture non-profit collective in the 1980's. This author is a University of Toronto professor of culture and anthroplogy. He has taught there for about the same length of time as my uncle, since the early 1970's. This book was given a bad review in The Peer Review a Canadian graduate student magazine and was the only book reviewed in that issue of the magazine available to borrow yesterday at school.
Cohen, Stanley. Moral Panics and Folk Devils: The Creation of Mods and Rockers 3rd ed. (London: Routledge, 2002).
This book and the concept of moral panics is popular in our legal studies departmment. As such, I should read this book. I have also been using the concept of a moral panic in my legal studies writings and thus need to understand the orginal concept and already this morning have read the introduction to the third edition which clarifies the meaning of the concept and shows its misuses.
Humphreys, Keith. Circles of Recovery: Self-Help Organizations for Addictions (Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University, 2004).
This is for my drug law course and may lead me astray. It may not have any legal content and thus could use up lots of my time. Although I have been studying this topic and the book promises to be more of solid study about self help efficacy. It is also for my community activism in the disAbled community of consumer survivors or users of mental health services.
Glasser, Irene. Homelessness in Global Perspective (New York: Macmillan, 1994).
This is to help wih local activism in particular IWW union activism.
Gleeson, Brendan. Geographies of Disability (London: Routledge, 1999).
This book was borrowed to support my studies and local activism in disAbilities. I have also belonged to an Internet email list for discussions of diaAbilities and geography for about 6 years.
Midgley, Mary. Animals and Why They Matter (Markham, Ont.: Penguin, 1983).
This book I found searching animal rights at both and also a bibliography yesterday on Animals Rights. It will help me research environmental politics and playing the Cyberpunk off shot game Cybergenerations.
Thompson, Stacy. Punk Productions: Unfinished Business (Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York, 2004).
I borrowed this book because I am interested in punk rock and was a punk rocker in my late teens and throughout my twenties.

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