Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I am going to read these books now for course review. Meaning I am scanning the books below for MATH3806 topics.

Press et la. Numerical Recipes: The Art of scientific Computing (London: Cambridge, 1986).
I have the FORTRAN code for this book on a floppy I bought a year or two ago.

    this is what I'll try to study
  • chapter 2 is linear algebra
  • chapter 3 is interpolation and extrapolation
  • chapter 4 is Integration
  • chapter 9 is root finding and nonlinear sets of equations
  • chapter 15 is Integration of ODE's

Bellomo, Nicola & Preziosi, Luigi. Modelling Mathematical Methods and Scientific Computation (London: CRC, 1995).
This book has some stuff on Runge Kutta and the code is in BASIC. I have the
floppy for this too. This is where I first read Runge Kutta but had no idea
what it was about. Today I learned Runge Kutta for y'=f(y(t)).

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