Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have been learning to apply mathematics in computing this past year.

I believe in the title of this post I am being vague. I do want to be specific so first off let me deal with this vagueness. I add numbers, multiply them and thus have an idea if my data is correct. University level math is really doing arithmetic calculations in large amounts, more frequently and resulting in much more practice thus the programmer gains more skill and knowledge of arithmetics.

I had been trained in university to take it for granted that mathmatics was part of computer programming. Variables were one of the key common terms, concepts and symbols one would use in the completion of homework and exams in both mathematics and computer science. At work and at school and in computer self help books, I was guided to use meaningful names for variables. Yet, in proofs one aims for generality. My work at present seems to favour a general approach for variable names where an abstact generality is, in fact, favored over specific meaningful instances. I work in the abstract in my present job duties and leave it to others to draw out the meaning and attach the data to the real world.

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