Sunday, May 23, 2010

Here is the first draft of my abstract for the Journal of Community Informatics.


These field notes describe the origins and initial development of Computers for Communities a non-profit, in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, that refurbished computers and installs Ubuntu Linux on these computers. At the moment the group is run by volunteers only. The computers are then given to the volunteers for their service. Also the intention is that the computers are given away free to community centres, housing projects and other such community based organizations. The field notes describe the early days of the Computers for Communities through to the first lab installation in a tenant organization office. The notes continue to describe the first computer workshop where volunteers were able to refurbish computers and take one home. The notes end with the first general meeting of the membership and at the same time the submitting of paperwork to the Ministry of Industry to register the non-profit as an official organization under the laws of Canada.

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