Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Watching a union sister struggle with law school and raising a kid.

I am friends with a former union sister who is studying in law school. I also know a political assistant who has started law school. The union sister is also raising a child. She is really struggling to make ends meet. I have offered to bring her food before. I did consider law school and the problem is law schools have unregulated fees and are therefore very expensive. One legal studies professor suggested I am too old to build a lawyer's career. The school told me this was not true they have seniors studying there quite successfully. Someone I volunteer with told me her cousin found enough financial support from grants and bursaries to attend law school suggesting more searching for funding might work. I am though working full time now so will not qualify for some financial aid and working full time does not give enough time for study even with time away from work granted by my employer.

This problem can, of course, be solved, but for now I will post this as an open problem. I know problems have solutions, as that is one thing I learn quite a lot in applying mathematics to life's problems.

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