Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tomorrow is a school day at least for part of the morning.

I am heading to school tomorrow to register for the winter term. I am meeting my academic adviser to sign the papers for both my winter term course in Knowledge Representation and my thesis for the winter. If I want to be cautious on the time lines I should plan to write my thesis by the end of the winter term.

I will also attend a writing workshop for graduate students tomorrow before coming home for lunch and then going back to work. The workshop will be about writing the literature review. I am happy I am writing only a science thesis and it may be shorter than my honour's legal studies paper. It seems to be less library and reading work too. To complete writing up the literature review would be a good short term goal to get done by the end of this term. That gives me about three weeks to write up the review.

I have no volunteering to do this weekend but am busying making changes in my living environment to overcome procrastination. Mostly this is a fancy way of saying I am cleaning up my mess in our apartment and organizing all the stuff I have which is mostly books, paper and computers and computer parts and some music instruments. Wish me luck on finding tme to study this weekend.

Actually this weekend I will also be fasting for climate justice. This feels very noble and a full expression of life long ideals of no polluting. I am glad I am involved in this.

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