Sunday, September 20, 2009

7 careers

We will hold on average 7 careers not just jobs. Not like the generation before the baby-boom some times called the silent generation who held one career and a few jobs based on that career. BTW all those twenty sometimes you see these days are the baby-boom echo i.e. the baby-boom's kids. There are more of them typically these days than other age groups. The population of universities has never been higher than today.

My careers.

1. I have been a stage hand, rock star, theatre and punk rock employee and volunteer as one career. If I have more education in performance arts this career will pay more.

2. I have been a statistician/ computer programmer as another career. I am working in this now. My workplace is designed to keep me in this one job for the rest of my life and many of my parental units want me to stay at this job. That is what they are used too: one job for life.

3. I am also a computer fix it guy and am volunteering/working with others to become high tech entrepreneurs.

4. I also have a career as a philanthropist and self help promotor. This is where I educate myself and care for my own health. I am also poverty and disabled activist here.

5. I also have a law enforcement career again both paid and volunteer jobs, and formal education define this career. This goes from being a nickel and dime cop to stuff I can not talk about that is heavy stuff.

that's five for me that are well developed.

6. Researcher sociologist. This career is still beginning and I have been at this for about 6 years now only. Mostly I am self taught here and combine this with the other careers.

7. I have an ecologist natural science career. This is more of a hobby and life style. I helped found the green party in Canada. I own a professional microscope. I read advanced science in this area.

Labour activist goes in there somewhere. Writer of fiction also goes somewhere.

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