Sunday, August 23, 2009

The next book to read calls the chapters questions. So my goal is to read question one by Christine Hine.

My study goal for my Internet scholarship is coming along well. I ate a bowl of mint chocolate ice cream to celebrate getting the first of the three chapters in this week's goal read. The next chapter I will read is
Hines, Christine. Question One: How Can Qualitative Internet Researchers Define the Boundaries of Their Projects in Markham, Annette N. and Baym, Nancy K. eds. "Internet Inquiry: Conversations About Methods" (Los Angeles: Sage. 2009).
As I start this reading, I see Christine Hines is an scholar of the sociology of science and technology and will be writing about ethnographic method. This may help me stop or set boundaries on my online multiuser game playing studies, if these are indeed studies.

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