Friday, January 23, 2009

Enjoying work and being rewarded by practicing statistics, maths and programming.

I have won a promotion at work but have to find an opening at the higher level. That is I am qualified for a promotion now but have yet to find an opening. I transferred recently from being a research assistant in aging research to being a research assistant in Internet research. In the first research assistant job, I was able to effect some control on my work and time at work by advertising my SAS skills. These skills have devloped over that year of work have improved and made it possible for both my latest transfer and also my passing the tests and interviews for the promotion. This is at least how the promotion job is styled as a technical statistical officer. But the real power I was able to affect was choosing where in my large workplace to work. I was able to match my own reading and research interests in the Internet to my workplace. At the same time I am now writing SAS everyday. I now must carefully choose a new field of statistics to work in that I will enjoy. This is one present task and my coworkers have offered me help in this. I am living in some sweet times and have a very good work life at the moment that is healthy and in somewhat of a sync with my school studies.

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stoz said...

Hi Peter,

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