Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am making some spreadsheets to be saved as csv and then read into R as data frames.

I am making some spreadsheets mostly full of zeros for one year counted by hours. That is how many rows these spreadsheets have about 8600 rows. In the columns I have workerID, time in separate columns for hours, days, months and years. Then I have three extra knowledge columns then seven columns for types of knowledge then two dummy columns. I have the files names which will become variable names of
This is the basic spreadsheet with all zero entries.
knowHoursNorm.csv and knowHoursLeap.csv
This is the same spread sheet but with the hours column taking values 0 to 23 and then repeating for all the rows, again for one year.
knowDaysNorm.csv and knowDaysLeap.csv
This has the hours values and then in the day column the value 1 repeating for 24 rows, then the value 2 repeating for 24 rows, etc. up to the value 7, then starting again at 1. This represents days of the week but there is no direct correspondence between say Tuesday and the number for that day.
Here we have 31 days worth of rows or 31 times 24 rows (days times hours) taking the value 1 for January. Then 28 days for February etc.
This is the same as the previous spread sheet with 29 days for February. The above leap files also have the extra day.
These will then be read into R. I will up load all this work to my MyExperiment account.

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