Sunday, July 20, 2008

Social science research methods books borrowed

Here are the books I just borrowed to help me learn social science research methods.
Miller, Robert L. and John D. Brewer. eds.The A-Z of social research : a dictionary of key social science research concepts (London; SAGE, 2003).
There are about a hundred entries on research topics in this book. I will study various entries here for my paper and started with reading the entry on social simulations.
Scarbrough, Elinor and Eric Tanenbaum. eds. Research strategies in the social sciences : a guide to new approaches (Oxford, England: Oxford University, 1998).
This is a quantitative research book based on the Essex summer school in data analysis that has been going since 1967. The summer school has apparently been quite influential within European social sciences. It also relates to the Michigan summer school on political studies. I think that's what the intro to this book said. I will not read this book to help with my paper.
Schratz, Michael and Rob Walker. Research as social change : new opportunities for qualitative research (London: Routledge, 1995).
This book seems inspiring but I will not read it for my paper.

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