Saturday, May 10, 2008

I finally searched out and found other past theses on my topic.

I found 8 theses in total that matched the term: "Knowledge Management" and Demographics. I downloaded these eight theses as pdf's. I also made two citations files for these articles. One is a rich text format Chicago Style bibliography. The other is a Ref Works BibTeX export. I spent the last half hour of this 8 hours study session trying to get that BibTeX file to work in a new article I am going to write that reviews these 8 theses. A few are Doctors of Education theses.

I also read a chapter in a book about improving the work of knowledge workers which again is a sort of why or what issue for my research. But I put little faith in the academic nature of this book. The title is Thinking For a Living and it is a pro management book.

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