Sunday, November 18, 2007

I started to work with two other students on our software project.

I am impressed with the SITE building and and all the students using computers there. They are almost all sitting at tables programming on laptops in the cafeteria. This is a building at the University of Ottawa. It is a new building that does not fail to impress the late 1990's image of subdued high tech art/design form. I worked there yesterday with my project partners on our copy of the software that does the Fourier-Motzkin calculations. We have the GUI built now but must now perfect the GUI and build the underlying code. I have taken two tasks on for my part of the work this week. One task is to document the behaviour of the original program we are copying. The second task that I will also have some help with is to write the solution algorithm for the Fourier-Motzkin method. I won't have to do this task on my own.

Other than that I have a regular assignment on neural networks which I should start this morning.

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